Experience Personalized Healthcare Designed around you – your Medical Conditions, your Goals and your Lifestyle.

Establish Your Wellness Baseline

Our initial consultation and testing will help understand your current health status.

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Define Your Health Goals

We’ll work together to understand your hopes and dreams for your health and set goals to get you there.

Customize Your Plan

You’ll receive a personalized plan to reach your health goals and we’ll get started creating a healthier you!

Why Choose Scottsdale Medicine & Weight Loss Center?

  • Our programs are physician lead, not just “supervised.”
  • We customize real food meal plans based on your life style and medical condition.
  • We do not take short cuts by adapting one size fits all programs like others do.
  • We are the only center with board certified Cardiologist on staff.
  • We understand chronic diseases and the impact they have on your health.
  • Your overall health is our primary focus, not just cutting calories or giving supplements.